Everything That Happened Until Now

Hey everyone, I’m back again! In the past months a lot has happened and even though it might sound confusing and bad at first, you’ll be able to see how it turned out to be perfect. But let’s start from the beginning: I arrived in New York at a hotel together with many other exchange students. On our first day in the Big Apple we listened the whole time to the latest Pop Music and everybody was singing…like our own motivational song. We saw MANY sights and I took a lot of photo’s. It was very exciting for me, because I have been to NY in 2014, so it felt everything was pretty familiar.

After these amazing days I finally got to meet my host family. They picked me up from the airport and took me to a buffet #americansandtheirfastfood. Later on that day I felt really sick and at first I thought, that I ate too much Fast Food; but through the course of the next two month, I figured out that it had to do with a lot of different things. I really don’t wanna dig into this at the moment, but as a  summary you could say, that I just didn’t feel like a family member and the time there was very uncomfortable for me. I had a lot of arguments with my younger host sister and all those feelings were messing with my health, I got very sick, had a huge culture shock and as a result I had to leave the US. This is probably the worst case scenario that every exchange student could ever imagine, but wait and see, how it will turnout.

The change back was very sudden and my parents tried their very best to help me getting back to North Carolina. I went to the doctor every third day, I had to go to school for the next month and I had to rewrite some documents for Ayusa. Between all this work I finally had time to think through everything that has happened and all the different experiences I’ve made. I recognized, that it just wasn’t the right decision to go back to my host family, if I would have the opportunity to do so, so I decided to change host family. Thereby the process of flying me back to the US became more difficult. But around one month later, that I spend in Germany, Ayusa called me and said, they found a new host family, that would be interested in hosting me.

The family consists out of two parents, who are both working at the school I attended while I was in NC, two sons and one daughter. The oldest son just turned 20 and I only met him two times because he’s serving in the military. Their daughter is in my age, she loves drawing and sports, and the other son is 13 years old and loves playing video games. As you might have noticed I accepted the family directly and it turned out to be one of the best decision in my life. At the moment I’m playing Basketball in the School’s Varsity Team and soon we’ll have soccer tryouts. I’m not that good at soccer, but I guess I’ll try and my host father will support me, if I’d totally fail. Maybe you can imagine how crazy the Super Bowl night was. Even Though he’s the biggest Steelers fan you could ever meet, he watched the game until midnight and gave comments about every new throw that was made. My host mother means very much to me and I really enjoy going to various crafting shops or just to Walmart with her. My host sister is the BEST sister I could have ever imagined and if it would be possible, I would take her back with me to Germany. My other brother is always in his room playing on his Playstation. He can literally spend the whole weekend in his rope. I started calling his room “the bad Cave”. One day I told my family that I’ve never watched any Marvel movie before, so since then their goal is to watch every single one with me together #lovethosemovienights. My first Thanksgiving was great, Christmas was better than in Germany (I got my first own Basketball), and on New Year’s Eve two school friends and my oldest American/Military brother came to celebrate with us. School is actually going perfect and my teachers all really support me. Here I’m attending a Private Christian School and even though many exchange students have problems with the christian aspect, I finally understand everything and I’m proud to be one of God’s children. I’m very excited how the next months will be like, but I’m sure they’ll be just PERFECT. If you have any questions about how I coped with everything in more detail, just write a comment below and ask me.

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  1. Dear Smilla,

    I´m happy, that you are lucky. Have a great a time and enjoy it! Bur we´re are looking forward on your return, but enjoy even that you learn many things about yourself and about another culture.

    Many Kisses,
    yours Bettina

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